Zionism Is Not The Savior of Jews

A Rabbi’s Response:-

We do not claim that the Zionists supported or had a connection with Hitler’s Holocaust. Hitler and the Nazis bear full responsibility for the destruction of European Jewry. However, the Zionist at that time did not do enough to save their brethren. They were more focused on laying the foundations of their state. Allow me to explain.

Hitler was unwilling to give up his
genocide of the Jews for any price or bribe. It is even arguable that he lost the war because he
diverted important resources and manpower to murdering the Jews, and because he invaded Russia too
early with the purpose of murdering the Russian Jews. His generals pleaded with him for trains and
supplies for the front, but he ordered the trains to be used to carry Jews to the death camps. The
other Nazi officials also agreed with the program of genocide but they were not as strong about it, and could
be bribed. For example, the SS officer Dieter Wisliceny was in charge of Slovakian Jewry, and Rabbi
Michael Weissmandel was able to bribe him continuously throughout the war not to deport the Jews.
Finally, in the fall of 1944 he was unable to continue and the Slovakian Jews were all taken to
Auschwitz. He had plans to bribe other officers and save many more people, but the Zionists refused
to send him the money. Eichmann, who was placed in charge of Hungarian Jewry, agreed to spare them
all (about 800,000) for a bribe from the Zionists. Eichmann sent a Jew named Joel Brand as an
emissary to the Zionist leadership in Istanbul to ask them for “trucks for blood”: the Jews of
Hungary would be spared in exchange for one thousand tons of tea, one thousand tons of coffee, and
ten thousand trucks. But Moshe Sharet, Yitzchok Greenbaum and the other leaders of the Zionist
Agency decided that it would be undesirable to invest any efforts to save these Jews, because it
might displease their British allies and interfere with their plans for a Jewish state in the Holy
Land. So they decided to conceal Brand s mission. They lured him across the border from Turkey into
Syria, the British took him to a prison in Egypt, and he languished there for months with his
message undelivered, until almost all the Jews of Hungary were burned in the crematoria.

One of the most remarkable English Jewish rescuers was Rabbi Solomon Schonfeld who personally rescued thousands of Jews. He was a very charismatic, dedicated, innovative and dynamic young man. His rescue efforts were inspired by Rabbi Weissmandl which explains, in part, some of his daring and innovative rescue style. His rescue activities were under auspices of the Chief Rabbis Religious Emergency Council, which he created with approval of Chief Rabbi Joseph P. Hertz, his future father-in-law. He saved large numbers of Jews with South American protection papers. He single-handedly brought over to England several thousand youngsters, rabbis, teachers, ritual slaughterers and other religious functionaries. Rabbi Schonfeld provided his “charges” not only with safety, but also with kosher homes, Jewish education and jobs.

He also initiated two very important rescue initiatives. In late summer 1942 he convinced the Colonial Office to allow Jews to find safe haven in Mauritius. In December 1942 he discussed his ideas about rescue with a number of highly positioned church men and members of Parliament, and organized Parliament-wide support for a motion which asked the government to make a declaration along the following lines: “That in view of the massacres and starvation of Jews and others in enemy and enemy-occupied countries, this House asks H. M. Government, following the United Nations Declaration read to both Houses of Parliament on 17th, December, 1942, and in consultation with the Dominion Governments and the Government of India, to declare its readiness to find temporary refuge in its own territories or in territories under its control for endangered persons who are able to leave those countries; to appeal to the Governments of countries bordering on enemy and enemy-occupied countries to allow temporary asylum and transit facilities for such persons; to offer to those Governments, so far as practicable, such help as may be needed to facilitate their co-operation; and to invite the other Allied Governments to consider similar action.” Within ten days, two Archbishops, eight Peers, four Bishops, the Episcopate of England and Wales and 48 members of all parties signed the notice of meeting to consider the Motion. Eventually the number of members of Parliament in support of the motion rose to 177. The above two 1942 initiatives could possibly have saved large numbers of Jews, but regretfully obstruction destroyed these important opportunities. The main reasons for obstruction were petty jealousy and tragic inability to appropriately prioritize the immediate cause of rescue and important but longer-term initiatives which could have waited until after the war. (The Parliamentary motion omitted Palestine as a possible temporary haven and was therefore opposed by a vocal faction.) Rabbi Schonfeld considered as one his failures his unsuccessful request to the British government to heed Rabbi Weissmandls plea to bomb Auschwitz. After the war he rushed to the liberated continent to serve the spiritual and physical needs of survivors. The above is based on Dr. David Kranzlers book “Holocaust Hero: Solomon Schonfeld”.

Of course, “petty jealousy and tragic inability to appropriately prioritize the immediate cause of rescue and important but longer-term initiatives which could have waited until after the war” is a barely veiled reference to Zionism.

The story can be found in more detail in Rabbi Schonfeld’s own words in the book The Holocaust Victims Accuse, p. 60-61; there the Zionists are mentioned explicitly as obstructing the rescue. The book is in pdf format on our site:


I cannot clip and paste it for you because the scanned book is an image, not text. But I encourage you to take a look there.

In general, the Zionists were mainly concerned about immigration to Palestine, when they could have
been saving Jews by bringing them to other places. They controlled the major Jewish organizations
at that time, and a lot of money was at their disposal.

Zionists claim that by working for a state they were trying to save Jews, and if they had had a
state before WWII they would have been able to rescue everyone. But the truth is that by
working for a state, they aggravated the Arabs of Palestine. The British, not wanting to
anger the Arabs, severely limited Jewish immigration. If the Jews had had no nationalistic
aspirations, there would have been no rioting and violence, and the British would surely have let
many more Jews into Palestine.

Zionists claim that after the war, their state provided a haven for the Jewish survivors and refugees who would otherwise have had nowhere to go. But the truth is that England and America did want to take in the survivors, but the Zionists pressured them not to. In 1947 Congressman William Stratton sponsored a bill to grant immediate entry to the U.S. of 400,000 displaced persons. The bill was publicly denounced by the Zionist leaders, and it was therefore not passed. In 1948 President Truman planned to open the gates of America to 150,000 refugees, and Great Britain agreed to follow suit. When Truman s emissary Morris L. Ernst came to England, the Zionist leaders declared: This is treason. You are undermining the Zionist movement. As a result, Truman informed Great Britain that the project must be abandoned: We cannot put it over because the dominant vocal Jewish leadership won t stand for it.

The Zionists did take in many Jews to their state, but the past 60 years have shown that it has been far from a safe haven for them. Traditional Jews believe in the Talmudic teaching that one should not put all the eggs in one basket. G-d did the Jewish people a kindness when He scattered them around the world; bringing all Jews to one place only endangers them and is no blessing.
The often-quoted verse, “And I will bless those who bless you” (Genesis 12:3), means that all people in the world should bless and befriend the Jews if they want to earn G-d’s favor. Historically, those gentiles who welcomed Jews into their country and allowed them freedom to practice the Torah and full rights were considered friends of the Jews. Anti-Semites were those who expelled Jews from their country and wanted them elsewhere. We encourage gentiles who wish to merit G-d’s blessing to continue being good neighbors to the Jews in their home countries.

Hersh Lowenthal

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