Why Talk With Muslims?

The world today needs to talk to Muslims, particularly American Muslims. Since, Islam is the fastest (or of the fastest) growing faiths in the world, it becomes crucial to have a dialogue with the Muslim community directly. Its quite ironic that Muslim intellectuals are rarely ever invited to talk on TV, and Talk Radio about issues and concerns from their perspective. However we do want to take the initiative to open the doors of dialogue ourselves, we want to share our faith, and have an open talk about the very sensitive issues.

Muslims also believe in Jesus, as the messiah & Christ, in his miraculous birth, in his teachings, in fact, any Muslim who does not believe and love Jesus not a Muslim. Despite, such closeness with Christian Community, Muslims have been depicted as an anti-Christ people.  While nothing can be farther from the truth but this is what Hollywood has been able to teach the masses.

One fifth of the world population is Muslim.  From all parts of the globe, Middle East, Asia, Europe, etc.  Muslims are a global community.  Muslims believe in having one human community, and a sharing human community, that is a necessarily result of belief in One God.

Muslims and Christians are bonded by Christ.  Its time we talk about this bond, and work out our issues to have proper understanding of each other.  We do not have invade each others space to do this, however, not embarking on this journey of  dialogue could have very negative consequences because of the situation of the world today.  People of faith can again save the name of religion, if the people faith start talking to each other; we come to understanding that even impacts the world events.

May The One True God use us for His Work (Ameen)

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