What Quran Teaches About God

Allah is the Lord Who achieves perfection in His Kingdom, the Honourable Whose Honour is supreme, the Great and Righteous Whose Greatness and Integrity are perfect; the Most Forbearing, the Omniscient, the All-Wise Whose Knowledge and Wisdom are absolute. Allah is the One Who is Perfect in sovereignty and honour, He is the Everlasting. He begets not, nor is He begotten. Nothing ever resembles Him. Praise and Glorybe to Him, He is Allah.

Allah is the Self-SUBSISTING Whose Existence does not need anything; He is Self-Existing and Self-Sufficient; everybody depends on Him. It is He Who gives existence to every existing thing; He dispenses with everybody and everything, but no one can dispense with Him. He is too exalted to be limited to locations and is far above change; what befalls souls can never befall Him; He is Supreme in perfection and in organizing His Kingdom. Glory be to the Self-SUBSISTING, Praise and Glory be to Him, He is Allah.

Allah is the Most GRACIOUS, Most Beneficent to people; He endows them with a myriad of favours. He creates them, then He guides them to Faith and to all means of felicity, then He grants them His Bliss in the hereafter; the most perfect bliss is offered to them when they beam in brightness and beauty looking towards their Lord’s Countenance. Glory be to Allah Whose Mercy and Grace encompass every single thing, Glory be to the Most GRACIOUS, the Most MERCIFUL, He is Allah.

He is Allah (video)

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