The Problem of Science Being Behind Art

When a scientist looks into the telescope he gazes into the universe looking for a particular phenomenon or when a scientist looks into the microscope looking for a set of patterns in the micro world to solve their problems; they simply miss the bigger picture. Science tries to break down what is under study and zoom into it. This has a very negative effect on the idea of knowledge (and Epistemology) and how we understand nature.

By freezing the object of study, the first thing that goes away is the beauty of the object itself in nature, and more then that the awesomeness of the interaction of these objects as complete systems with one another. So, science mostly tells us what is going on in nature (1% of that) and misses how beautifully its happening, and seems to overlook how this very beautiful interaction of the systems involved. Let us take an example of this, the water cycle. If one picks up a book on the water cycle, one will get all the details of the water cycle. One will get all the facts of what causes what. Most of the time the system of water cycle will not be understood from the perspective of how the water cycle works so elegantly with the plant world, how the earth seems to be self aware how to use the water in the best way, and how the nature of water is such that it goes back to where it came from. Not being able to observe this interaction within nature, really gives us a less then a half of the picture from the perspective of human ways of understanding things. Then on top of that, if one was to observe how each object in nature, each phenomenon, and system is so beautiful, it would help humans experience the world, from parts of the brain they never have before. It would put humans into the world of direct experience.

Science can tell how how amazing things work, but without the aspect of beauty the human experience is lost. When that is lost, our conclusions will be blurred.

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