The Golden Ratio of the Earth–Mecca

Presenting the clear scientific facts that the ‘holy’ city of Islam is within the Golden Ratio point of the world. It is up to you to decide what it really means

Here is a rebuttal video to the kabaa being the in the Golden Ratio of the earth. The video makes three points…..the last of these points is that the calculations show the real location of the Golden Ratio is 266 kilometer from of Mecca. If this is correct (even though it is still within the area that is sacred to Muslims),it must be kept in mind that the golden ratio is not an exactly ratio standard that is applied to everything in the universe, rather it always has an artistic element, that allows some flexibility. For example, the Golden Ratio that exists between the length of the hands and the arms. It is within the golden ratio, but it is not an exact measurement. So, the fact, the Golden Ratio falls within the area of mecca is still very amazing. The second point in the video is, is the golden ratio so important? A good question, the answer is of course, any artist understands this. In fact, it is used in the markets when making technical financial decisions. One can do their own research on this issue or see our post on golden ratio in our existence of God section. The first point made was, there are so many numbers that can fit in so many ways, if one looks to fit for example the number 3 into everything, they will find it everywhere. However, the difference here that must be pointed out is that the Golden Ratio being mentioned here is at the global level, its the earth itself, it not a particular event, that would be a single event among hundreds.

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