Teachings of the Prophet In Making Peace Among People

Messenger of God (PBUH) said, “On every joint of man, there is charity, on everyday when the sun rises: doing justice between two men is charity, and assisting a man to ride an animal or to load his luggage on it is charity; and a good word is charity, every step which one takes towards the mosque for prayer is charity, and removing harmful things from the way is charity”.
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, ‘The person who lies in order to conciliate between people is not a liar, when he conveys good or says something good”.
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

Commentary: If a wife is angry with her husband, it is ok to say, “Oh but he is such a nice guy. He did not mean to hurt your feelings…” & vice versa. To lie to by saying something good about a person, ” Like your look pretty today,etc” is not lying. The wife of the Prophet said,
She said, “I never heard him (she meant the Prophet (PBUH)) giving permission of lying in anything except in three (things): war, conciliating between people and the conversation of man with his wife and the conversation of a woman with her husband”.

Messenger of God (PBUH) heard the voices of altercation of two disputants at the door; both the voices were quite loud. One was asking the other to make his debts little (so that he could pay them) and was pleading with him to show leniency to him, whereupon the (other one) said: “By God, I will not do that”. Then there came Messenger of God (PBUH) to them and said, “Where is he who swore by Allah that he would not do good?” He said (feeling embrassed) : “O Messenger of Allah, it is me. Now he may do as he desires”.
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

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