Muhammad Zakariya — The Master of Quranic Calligraphy

This is a very nice clip about the effect calligraphy on this masters life.

Quranic Calligraphy

Master calligrapher Mohamed Zakariya giving us a walkthrough for one of his calligraphic pieces…the video quality is not the best, but to see the master at work, it’s worth it.

A Simple Introduction to Islam

A simple introduction to Islam in less then 5 minutes (with a beautiful song in the background) What Is Islam, Who Is Allah, Everybody Must See This Video… – More amazing video clips are a click away

Reflecting on Nature (Part 1)

The Quran encourages Muslims to engage in deep reflection on nature. “Indeed in the creation of the heavens and earth, and in the rotation of the day and night, there are signs for those who reflect.” Be sure to keep scrolling to the end of the list. There you’ll see remarkable pictures of bats enjoying […]

Beautiful Qur’an Recitation with English Subtitles
Interview: Former Rap Artist Loon Accepts Islam

If you are going through any problems, just listen to a Quranic recitation, get into the rhythm, and then pray to God to remove your difficulties, by the permission of God, your problem will be solved.

God is Great

To get an idea of how insignificant a human is in comparison to the universe lets take a look at the following pictures; which don’t do justice in showing a proper comparison.

In the past few days these are the images I have kept in mind while doing prayers.

Now imagine all the trees on earth, and imagine a God who is aware of every one of those leaves as they fall…. go ahead think for a minute.

World-Famous Atheist Convinced by Science That God Exists

An eminent British philosopher-a key champion of atheism for more than fifty years-announced late last year that he has come to believe that there really is a God, on account of the intelligent design of the universe and life forms. Antony Flew, who became an atheist at 15, debated at Oxford in the 1950s. He […]

Can Man Be God?
Islam the Misunderstood Religion