Islam Stands Against Cheer Leading

Here is a letter a lady wrote:

It’s that time of year again, football season. Like a lot of women, I feel offended by NFL Cheerleaders and the obvious objectification. But, like most women, I feel the problem is so huge due to the huge number of football fans. I have read statistics that around 40% of football fans are now female, and that the NFL wants to increase the number of female fans. I say they start with changing the image of the cheerleaders.

I am a bit torn on this one. I personally am not a big sports fan in general, but I don’t see why women should get behind men’s sports (and put money in their pockets), while men do not generally support women’s sports. But to me, feminism is freedom, and that means women should be able to do what they want including interest in the sport they choose. I also believe the more female fans in the NFL, the more power women have to make changes, such as the insulting image of the NFL cheerleader. Just about every woman finds them insulting on some level, and even men sometimes seem embarrassed by them, but it is hard to know where to begin to change this image. If football is such a “serious” sport and we are supposed to respect the “skill,” then let’s start by taking away the joke of these women and how they degrade women.

The good news is women really do have the power here. We are the primary consumers and we hold the economic purse strings, so to speak. Most of the changes in the media come down to money, and this one is really no different. We have to come together though and make a powerful front.

I plan on writing to the NFL and letting them know ONE reason they are not attracting female viewers, at least this female viewer (well, honestly, I probably wouldn’t watch anyway, but THEY don’t have to know that!)

Islam stands against this profession that degrades women, in all sports not just NFL…we Muslims may suggest as an alternative to use drums and drummers to create the uproar instead.  The Quran teaches us that women should not expose themselves in such a way as to create an atmosphere of temptation.  True, its the guys problem, if he has nasty thoughts.  Why should women take the responsibility for the “temptation” created in a mans mind.  However, the other way to look at this is, what image is she (the cheerleaders) giving of themselves to others? “Some of them are just downright vulgar, something you would see at an adult club or something,” said Joe Deshotel, a Democratic member of the Texas House of Representatives.   Thats the image, its a historical fact, when women show more skin, both men and women tend to have a negative opinion of such women. “You’ve got children seeing things that their parents would rather them not see,” said Mr Van Arsdale in an interview with Times Online.

Islam stands to ban cheer-leading in America….

“Modesty is half the faith” — Prophet Muhammad

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