God is Great

To get an idea of how insignificant a human is in comparison to the universe lets take a look at the following pictures; which don’t do justice in showing a proper comparison.

In the past few days these are the images I have kept in mind while doing prayers.


Now imagine all the trees on earth, and imagine a God who is aware of every one of those leaves as they fall…. go ahead think for a minute.

Now, think that this same God created this gigantic universe.

Now think of how insignificant humans can be….

So how a human fails to recognize this Great God…how insignificant an act it would be for HIM to disregard and discard those who fail to obey Him. But if a human recognizes him, then as great as these creations are, they themselves can not appreciate the Greatness of God, but a human can…a person sees these pictures and say, “Glory be to God!” (Subhanallah)…that’s the person of human beings for God.

“For God is the heavens and the earth”

All that in the heavens and the earth glorifies God”

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