Does God Deserve Praise

Question: “However, the only point I’m trying to make here is that if there was a God, as described in Qur’an, then He does have the right to expect to be worshipped all the time, as it is consistent with the Qur’an that the whole universe is worshipping Him.”

Sounds pretty conceited, self centered and someone in need of some self confidence. I mean I’m not any where close to being perfect, divine, God like… but I don’t need to be praised all day every day for eternity just to feel like I am loved and appreciated for all I do. Why would a divine being need something that a simpleton like me doesn’t need?”


I suppose you said that because of two reasons: #1 You are clearly not aware of the Qur’anic view of the worshipping universe and #2 your view about the human psyche is wrong and you are superimposing your wrong notions upon God. If somebody makes a picture of Mona Lisa or an advancement in technology that is very unique, that thing praises him. The universe, as it is moving in its orbits and with its perfect harmony, is praising its Creator. The very fact that the moon and the sun follow a very precise movement, or the fact that cows give milk, and honey bees give honey (in the Islamic view) shows that everything is under the perfect care and obedience of God.

Now certainly, God does not need you or anyone to praise Him. Nor does God need any of the other beings, like angels, to praise Him. However, as conceited as it may sound to you that God “needs” our praise, it seems far more conceited that you do not feel God needs to be praised, if God exists. As far as the psycho babble goes, if there was ever a being who is worthy of being conceited and proud, it is God. In fact, in Islam one of the names of God is Al-Mutaqabbir, the one who is Proud. Yes, human beings should be humble because they are really not in control of anything. But how can you expect, if there is a God, a being who is in control of cause and effect, time and space, in control of your every breath, how do you expect Him not to be proud? Let God be proud and let yourself practice humbleness.
Now as far as God being arrogant and proud in the sense you were saying, if God really was arrogant and proud in the way that you meant it, why did God not cut off your oxygen? Meaning, if there is a God who is in control of everything, and he is arrogant and proud in the way you insisted, then certainly your saying that he does not deserve your praise would cause Him to cut off your oxygen. God is proud, but not in the arrogant sense. Praise is a positive, affirmative form of worthiness, whereas arrogance is a negative form of worthiness. So God is not arrogant, but He is worthy of praise. If God was arrogant and had low confidence as you suggested, He would indeed take action to show His power over you in regards to every wrong action you took. In fact, God placing a barrier between Himself and the world of creation further shows that He is in no need of attention and approval, which is a sign of low confidence amongst humans.

I know you intend well and one of the problems of the modern times is that not only do we question God, but we question the personality of God, whether he is a mean God or a nice God, etc. Even if we agree that God exists, it is very hard to understand how powerful He is. One of the reasons for that is because modern man strives to have as much control over his being and finds it repulsive in his imagery that someone other than him/herself is in control of him/herself. The very definition that someone else is in control of us, in the modern mind, sounds oppressive. Since me and you are both by-products of modern times, we have to see this in ourselves and overcome it. If you do overcome it, and there is no proof for this other than personal experience, than there is no state more blissful than being in a state of surrender to the One who controls everything.
Mustafa Masih

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