Concept of God

Throughout history man has tried to answer the basic questions of his own existence, his relationship and purpose on earth and his final fate after death. One of the great mysteries of human history is that a chain of people one after another have claimed to answer these questions…claiming to have received the answers not by philosophical inquiry but a direct answer from God.

These are people who the three Abrahamic faiths and others call Prophets. They brought down revelation from God in order to guide mankind in accordance to the will of their creator. While philosophers tried to arrive at conclusions based on rational thought and thus never claiming to have the “truth”, the prophets came claiming to have the truth from God. The prophets confirmed the same message as that of those before them and quenched the curiosities and innate desires of mankind to follow a leader and submit to the will of God. The prophets became personalities whom when people followed felt they have followed a true hero. Some of those prophets who God chose to reveal His message to were Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus, and Muhammad- just to name a few.

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