Prophets & Philosophers

An Angel In Mecca?

Some Muslims believe that they caught a picture of one of the angles. God Knows best….

Incest in the Bible

The Unseen: It’s Burden of Proof

Lets say there are two groups of people, one believes that unicorns exist and the other does. Which of the two groups has the burden of proof? This question, on whom does the burden of proof rest is important because that defines how the dialogue should be. Another example, there was a group of people that said the Sun does not exist and another that said it did exist. On whom is the burden proof then?

Prophets & Truth Seekers

Throughout history man has tried to answer the basic questions of his own existence, his relationship and purpose on earth and his final fate after death. One of the great mysteries of human history is that a chain of people one after the other have claimed to answer these questions…claiming to have received the answers […]