Does the Quran Attest the Entire Bible?

Here is a lady who asks some good questions based on some of the misinformation.

An Angel In Mecca?

Some Muslims believe that they caught a picture of one of the angles. God Knows best….

Who is the Creator?

A very popular question among atheists is, ‘Granted that the existence of temporal things necessitates the existence of an eternal cause, why should that cause be the God of religion? Why can’t matter be eternal and be therefore in no need of an eternal creator?’ I shall argue, on an Islamic basis but at the […]

How Did Islam Start? Who is The Founder of Islam?

Do Muslims see Muhammad (pbuh) has the founder of Islam?

The Design in Nature

Let’s think of an aspirin pill for a moment; you will immediately recall the mark in the middle of it. This mark is designed in order to help those who wish to take half a dose. Every product that we see around us is of a certain design even though not as simple as the […]

The Obvious Existence of God

From the moment man opens his eyes to this world a great order surrounds him. He needs oxygen to survive; it is interesting that the atmosphere of the planet on which he lives provides more than just the adequate amount of oxygen he needs. This way, he breathes without difficulty. For the existence of life […]

Scientists and Religion: Is Religion and Science in Conflict?

The attributes of the universe which have hitherto been discovered by science point to the existence of God. Science leads us to the conclusion that the universe has a Creator and this Creator is perfect in might, wisdom and knowledge. It is religion that shows us the way in knowing God. It is therefore possible […]

Instincts, Science, and Religion: Self-Sacrifice in Animals

Living beings have to reproduce to continue their species. However, reproduction by itself often proves insufficient because, if living things fail to provide adequate care for their offspring, the newborn cannot survive. In other words, if living things did not feel the need to protect and look after their offspring and did not do this […]

The Scientific World is turning to God

“As people have certainly been influenced by me, I want to try and correct the enormous damage I may have done.” (Anthony Flew) The newspapers these days are echoing with these regret-filled words by Antony Flew, in his time a well-known atheist philosopher. The 81-year-old British professor of philosophy Flew chose to become an atheist […]

How to Convert to Islam and Become a Muslim

The word “Muslim” means one who submits to the will of God, regardless of their race, nationality or ethnic background. Becoming a Muslim is a simple and easy process that requires no pre-requisites. One may convert alone in privacy, or he/she may do so in the presence of others. If anyone has a real desire […]