Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (PBS Documentary)

Documentary: Muhammad Legacy of a Prophet

Miracles of Qur’an

Miracles of Qur’an

US Guantanamo Guard Converts to Islam

Islam: Empire of Faith (PBS Documentary)

To an idea of how far Islamphobia has gone this clip from FOX news is a good example. Now, it seems to some intellectuals that Muslims babies are a problem because they are being named Muhammad (The name of the Prophet of Islam).

Beautiful Qur’an Recitation with English Subtitles

Interview: Former Rap Artist Loon Accepts Islam

If you are going through any problems, just listen to a Quranic recitation, get into the rhythm, and then pray to God to remove your difficulties, by the permission of God, your problem will be solved.

Inside Mecca (National Geographic Documentary)

“Inside Mecca”

What is the Shari’ah?

German Man Embraces Islam

The Quran is in Arabic. However, the Quran has a great impact upon the hearts of people who do not even understand the language. Here is an interesting account of one such event. If you want to listen to the Divine Composition of the Quran that moves millions of souls, you can now feel its […]

Islamic History