Qur’anic Narratives

The Easy Quran, Chapter 2, Verses 1-26

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Chapter 1,The Opener

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Lesley Hazleton: On reading the Koran

Lesley Hazleton sat down one day to read the Koran. And what she found — as a non-Muslim, a self-identified “tourist” in the Islamic holy book — wasn’t what she expected. With serious scholarship and warm humor, Hazleton shares the grace, flexibility and mystery she found, in this myth-debunking talk from TEDxRainier.

The Favors of God: Do We Take Them For Granted

The Quran States, “And if you were to count even a single favor of God, you could not comprehend it”, and many similar statements are given in many places throughout the Quran. The natural world offers us so many favors of God, that something as simple as the making and using of a toaster helps […]

The Word “Compassion” in The Quran

In the name of Allah (God), the Compassionate, the Merciful; is the most often repeated phrase in the Quran.  What does the Quran mean by Compassionate?  What does this tell us about God’s relationship with man?  Here are two videos clips to help understand this key word, that teaches us about relationships in general.