Journey to Islam

Cat Stevens– A Guided Man

Cat Stevens, abruptly stopped music, to start a new life as “Yusuf Islam”, after reading the Quran.

Children in England Turn To Islam

An Islamic Documentary featuring a group of children in a North England city who are attracted to Islam and spend much of their time at the mosque near there home. This documentary features life of a young British girl living with a Muslim environment in England

Mike Tyson interview about islam muslim

Mike tyson converted into islam. Check also a interview from another boxing legend Muhammad Ali why he chosed Islam and about other religions.…

Ne-Yo, Busta Rhymes, Chapelle, Will Smith, Muhammad Ali & Omar Regan talk about Islam

Ne Yo, Busta Rhymes, Chapelle, Will Smith, Muhammad Ali & Omar Regan talk about Islam, thats all different interviews.

Napoleon on BBC (How I got saved)

Mutah Beale Napoleon an ex-member of Outlawz with Tupac Mutah travels the world to inspire youth to apply themselves and find their purpose in life. To book Mutah for an event contact

Loon talking about being Muslim with Napoleon

Loon is Muslim inviting Puff Daddy P. Diddy Puff and Puffy Full interview available at…

US Guantanamo guard converts to Islam – 13 Apr 09

As the US government moves to shutdown its detention centre at Guantanamo Bay, stories are emerging of the way it affected those inside. Former inmates have talked about the deprivation and pressures they faced. But Terry Holdbrooks was on the other side. He was a US soldier and he says he saw something in the […]

Interview with rap artist turned Muslim – 2 Jul 09

A growing number of rap artists are leaving the bad boy hip hop lifestyle for a more spiritual one. The Canadian Dawah Association says that an increasing number of rappers this year have embraced Islam or acknowledged they had in the past. Amir Junaid Muhadith, better known by his stage name, Loon, talks to Al […]

How The Bible Led Me To Islam — A Personal Experience

An interesting personal experience of a journey from the bible to Islam. These videos are added so people can appreciate how people from all walks of life find Islam as their source of life. Also, to show how reading the Quran can answers many questions people are looking for.

CNN – Muslim converts

As a result of the much press Islam has received in recent years, it has allowed people to seriously to look into the teachings of Islam which many times results in embracing it. This post 9/11 phenomenon is discussed in this clip.