Historical Narratives

Cowboys and The Muslim World

The origins of the cowboy tradition come from Spain, beginning with the hacienda system of Muslim Spain. This style of cattle ranching spread throughout much of the Iberian peninsula and later, was imported to the Americas. Both regions possessed a dry climate with sparse grass, and thus large herds of cattle required vast amounts of land in order to obtain sufficient forage. The […]

Which Human Can Celebrate This?

9/11 was a true tragedy. Not because more people died, or because of its impact. No, because it captured the final moments of death of thousands of people in the most gruesome way. To watch so many people to have to make a choice on how they want to die, jump off or burn, is […]

Whats In Thier Name: Ishmeal and Isaac

To begin with the name Ishmael means “God Hears”, and the word Isaac means “laughter & to be happy”. Both are beautiful names, and both names seem to have a purpose and a story behind them. When angles came to give Abraham the news of a son even though his wife was barren, as she […]

Rev Dr Stephen Sizer on Christian Zionism

Christian Zionist have misinterpreted the bible

Zionism Is Not The Savior of Jews

A Rabbi’s Response:- We do not claim that the Zionists supported or had a connection with Hitler’s Holocaust. Hitler and the Nazis bear full responsibility for the destruction of European Jewry. However, the Zionist at that time did not do enough to save their brethren. They were more focused on laying the foundations of their […]

Rabbi Yitzchok Lebovitch, Khal Yereim Woodridge: On Zionism

Rabbi Shmuel Moshe Kremer of Breslov, Jerusalem: On Zionism

Rabbi Moshe Menachem Tyrnauer, dayan of Montreal: On Zionism

Rabbi Getzel Berkowitz, dayan of Kiryas Yoel: On Zionism

Rabbi Avraham Yitzchok Ullman, dayan of Edah Charedis: On Zionism