Can You Use Honey to Stay Young?

“And thy Lord taught the bee to build its cells in hills, on trees and in (men’s) habitations….. there comes from within their bodies a drink of varying colours, wherein is healing for mankind. Verily in this is a Sign for those who give thought’.
(Translation of Quran 16:68-69)

Adding a dollop of honey to your daily diet may help to fight your aging process, according to researchers from the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand.

The researchers fed 2-month-old rats a diet containing 10 percent honey, 8 percent sucrose, or no sugar at all for 12 months. They were tested every three months to measure their anxiety and spatial memory.

Honey-fed rats seemed to hold up better to the effects of aging. Specifically:

Honey-fed rats spent close to double the time in open sections of an assessment maze than sucrose-fed rats, which suggests they were less anxious.

Honey-fed rats were more likely to enter novel sections of a Y-shaped maze, which suggests they knew where they had been before and had better spatial memory.

The researchers believe that a honey-sweetened diet may also decrease anxiety and improve memory in aging humans. The beneficial effects may be due to the antioxidant properties of honey.

The study was funded by Fonterra, a dairy company that’s looking to market a honey-sweetened yogurt.

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