Are There Contradictions within the Quran

“Is there nothing in the Qur’an that you don’t question? Surely there has to be something that makes you stop and say, “Wait a second, that just doesn’t sound right at all.”

I mean, when i read about birds being suspended in air only because of the power of God, and a boy and a dog going into a cave and sleeping for 309 years, it at least makes me go “Hmmmm.”

Do you not question why your are called to pray 5 times a day when it was originally 50. Who really made those rules up? My guess is that you’re going to tell me that God did.”


As for questioning anything within the Qur’an, there are two ways to do that. One is to say, subjectively, that I have no doubts in myself and I already have all knowledge, I understand all methods of logic. Therefore I can question anything within the Qur’an because I doubt the Qur’an, but I don’t doubt my own judgment, which is impossible for any human being and any human being claiming such would be delusional.

Second way, which only the smartest of human beings can do, is to say my judgement is not the best, I am a human being and am not aware of all methods of logic, so therefore the best way to judge is to look for inconsistencies. So that would require that where the Qur’an is saying something is miraculous, you look for coherence or inconsistencies. So yes, where the Qur’an is mentioning things that seem miraculous, the Qur’an is saying it is miraculous, and in other areas where the Qur’an is not making such a claim, it is consistent with human knowledge. For example, the people in the cave that slept for 300 years, the Qur’an is saying this is a miraculous event. So the claim is not inconsistent, it is saying it was not a normal human experience. And where the Qur’an is claiming the universe is expanding, it is not claiming that to be a supernatural miraculous event, but rather a sign of God that can be observed and researched by human beings, and it is a statement of fact.
As for why 50 prayers became 5 prayers, again this is an issue that can be easily understood by the following fact: The God of the Qur’an claims that He created a “worshipping” universe, and that this universe is always in obedience to Him and His laws. And it is God’s due right as The Maker and King of the universe, that human beings basically worship all the time. however God knows that God created human beings with many other needs. So He reduced the number from 50 to 5. This is an issue that is very subjective and doesn’t negate or prove the Truth of a religion.
However, the only point I’m trying to make here is that if there was a God, as described in Qur’an, then He does have the right to expect to be worshipped all the time, as it is consistent with the Qur’an that the whole universe is worshipping Him. Now let me turn the question around to you: You asked me if I find anything in the Qur’an that I would question. The question to you is, don’t you find anything in the Qur’an that amazes you that it is in the Qur’an? In other words, how many unexplainable facts do you need to see in the Qur’an before you would say, “Okay, this is divine,” because we have already discussed a few.
Now let us take this a little bit further. There is always a claim and then one sees if the claim is consistent or inconsistent. So the claim is Moses parted the sea. That claim becomes consistent when it is understood that it is not a normal event, but is a supernatural event. I would say to you, that when the Qur’an is talking about all life originates in water, the universe is expanding, the planets are on their orbits… When the Qur’an is saying these things, it is a claim that is understood in the context that not only are these true claims, but these true claims were made at a time where it was seemingly impossible for human beings to imagine these facts. Let me ask you, if you were with Moses and saw the seas part, or if Jesus came to you and made the dead come out of the graves, or if I come to you with a book with hundreds of claims about the universe that we live in, and about human nature that, we’ve only come to know today that were not known 1400 years ago, which of these three is a greater miracle? I would suggest that a miracle that can be examined over and over again, like a book, a miracle that is always there to be touched, read, understood, researched, is far greater than a miracle or an illusion that is done before us at any given point within our lives and cannot be reinvestigated.
The opportunity you have here is far greater than most people who saw the seas part because you always have the Qur’an with you, and the facts are with you too. I just want to make you aware that you can still question anything, you can rationalize anything, like why the seas parted, why the dead weren’t really dead when they came out of the grave, or why the Qur’an says this or that, but how can you rationalize how the Qur’an states facts regarding biology, astronomy, zoology, botany, human life, hundreds and hundreds of claims…? Those claims that are not under the title of miraculousness, yet there are no inconsistencies. How do you rationalize that with a book like Qur’an?

Mustafa Masih

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