A Jewish Response to Middle East Conflict

We also look forward to that all-round peace in Palestine but we know the Jewish people and the Muslim peoples have a long way to go. For many Jews today, its not even Zionism driving them anymore, as much as fear of the Muslims. Jews have become brainwashed by the incessant Zionist rhetoric of the Jewish newspapers, to believe that all Arabs and Muslims are murderers and the only way to protect Jews is to support the State of Israel. In this way, the Zionists build support for themselves, because every time they kill a lot of Palestinians, it causes a backlash of Jew-hatred in the Arab world, which in turn causes Jews to support the Zionists. It is a never-ending cycle.

The way to end this is to do what we are doing: show Jews that the Zionists are the ones who stirred up this whole fight to begin with, and that their actions have only brought trouble upon Jews; and to show Jews that Jews and Muslims have always and can still live side by side in peace.

I believe also that we must work to provide Israeli Jews other options as to where to live, so that those who are afraid to live under a Palestinian state will not feel pressured to support Zionism as their only alternative.

Hersh Lowenthal at Jews Against Zionism

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