A prophet has arisen in Arabia
Muhammad climbed to the top of al-Ṣafā, a high place near the Kaʽba in Mecca, and he called out, “My people!”
“Who’s that?” they said, and gathered around him.
“All praise is due to God Almighty. I praise him and seek His help. I believe in Him and trust in Him, and I testify that there is no god besides He alone without peers.”
“If I were to inform you that an enemy’s cavalry was about to come out from around this mountain, would you believe me?”
They said, “We have never known you to lie.”
“Then know,” he declared, “that I am a Warner to you in the face of a severe punishment.”
And he struck another parable, saying, “The scout does not lie to his people. By God, even if I were to lie to the whole world, I would never lie to you. And even if I were to deceive the whole world, I would never deceive you. And by the One True God, aside from whom there is no other god, I swear to you that I am the Messenger of God, sent to you in particular and to all humankind in general. I tell you, with God as my witness, that you will die just as easily as you sleep, and you will be resurrected just as you wake from sleep, and you will be taken to account for what you do, and you will be rewarded; for the beautiful of your deeds you will be given honor, and for the evil of your actions you will be given disgrace. That is, Paradise forever or the Fire forever.”
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What is Islam?
Islam means to recognize that the One True God has power over all things and to then achieve a state of peace and security by surrendering to God and faithfully upholding His commandments as He has conveyed them through His prophets. While every nation has been sent prophets at some point in history, earlier prophets carried commandments and messages for their nations in limited times and places. God’s final prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him), has brought teachings for all humankind, teachings that will continue to guide us until the Last Day. The implementation of those teachings into a way of life constitutes the religion of Islam.
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