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Solving the Retirement Problem

The problem of after what will happen after 64 is discussed from an Islamic point of view. The government seems to struggling with the social security problem, here is a small talk on the Islamic solution to this problem

Existence of God: Is Order out of Chaos a Possibility?

This is a short talk on the existence of human life by chance.

Pragmatism of Oneness of God

This small talk discusses the practical effects of The Oneness of God on society and individuals

Rev Dr Stephen Sizer on Christian Zionism

Christian Zionist have misinterpreted the bible

Zionism Is Not The Savior of Jews

A Rabbi’s Response:- We do not claim that the Zionists supported or had a connection with Hitler’s Holocaust. Hitler and the Nazis bear full responsibility for the destruction of European Jewry. However, the Zionist at that time did not do enough to save their brethren. They were more focused on laying the foundations of their […]

Rabbi Yitzchok Lebovitch, Khal Yereim Woodridge: On Zionism

Rabbi Shmuel Moshe Kremer of Breslov, Jerusalem: On Zionism

Rabbi Moshe Menachem Tyrnauer, dayan of Montreal: On Zionism

Rabbi Getzel Berkowitz, dayan of Kiryas Yoel: On Zionism

Rabbi Avraham Yitzchok Ullman, dayan of Edah Charedis: On Zionism