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How A scientist Becomes Muslim

The following is an interesting and simple clip of how intellectuals respond to the Quran. In this clip after every few sentences an Arab Muslim translates the words of the scientist. However, it is really worth as you will see…

The Bible According To “Who”

This is an interesting clip on the historical authority of the New Testament. The last part which gives analogy of Hitler and Paul is the most interesting. It raises some serious questions, that all levels of scholarship should seriously consider.

Jesus Christ believes in Prophet Mohammad

Here we have a clip for the movie “Passion of the Christ” which proves that Jesus Christ referred to God as Allah and he was talking about the coming of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them all).

Prophet Muhammed Mentioned In The Gospel of St Barnabas

Muslims only believe in the Quran as the true un-edited word of God and anything else you might see is mainly for sheer interest and not divine intervention. The Gospel of St Barnabas was a book that contained the prophecy of Prophet Muhammed PBUH by Prophet Jesus PBUH. The Gospel was said to have been […]

The Face of Jesus

Here is fairly reliable research work done by a British team of experts, about how Jesus may have broadly looked like in his times. This is unlike the popularized image of Jesus all over the world. The Question we want people to ask is? Has the message of Jesus also changed, like his image?

Is Jesus God?

Muslim and Christians have a small exchange of ideas in this small clip. Enjoy

Jesus Tempted God who cannot be Tempted

Can God be tempted? According the Bible, God can not be tempted. Then how do we explain Jesus temptation by the devil.

Jesus’s Sacrificial Death

If Jesus died for our sins, made himself a sacrifice, so that the original sin can be done away with, this concept does not seem to add up, when one considers that Jesus according Pauline Christians, came back to life. What type of sacrifice is it, when the person will not even really die. So, […]

Paul and Women

Paul considers the mandatory head covering for church going women to be a symbol of authority over her, while Islam considers the head covering to be the way of womens liberation from being made into “sex objects”. Why do women not cover thier heads anymore and following the teachings of Paul?

Can God Almighty be a man? Is Jesus Christ God?

In this Show I talk with Shaykh Yusuf Estes about the topic can God be a man. Many people in the world today are making God Almighty into idea or a part of his creation and its very important that … In this Show I talk with Shaykh Yusuf Estes about the topic can God […]