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Islamic Solution To Depression

Depression vs Sadness: Let’s start by pointing out some basic differences between Depression and Sadness. In essence, sadness is part and parcel of human life and part of being “human”. It is a normal human emotion that more or less all human beings experience in different phases in their lives. Even holy personalities like Moses, […]

Everything Created in Pairs

Nothing is complete without its pair. So this world must also have a pair. Many of the basic teachings of the Qur’an can be well understood in the light of modern knowledge. The Qur’an says, for example, that this world is not the final one; after it will come another world. At present, that world […]

Muhammad: The Most Influential Single Figure

The following video is about what different intellectuals have said about Prophet Muhammad (saw). Never has a man set for himself, voluntarily or involuntarily, a more sublime aim, since this aim was superhuman; to subvert superstitions which had been interposed between man and his Creator; to render God unto man and man unto God; to […]

Prophet Muhammad in the Bible

It may surprise many people to learn that Prophet Muhammad is mentioned in the bible. Here is a short video on the subject.

Islam, an Introduction

The first thing that one should know and clearly understand about Islam is what the word “Islam” itself means. The religion of Islam is not named after a person as in the case of Christianity which was named after Jesus Christ, Buddhism after Gotama Buddha, Confucianism after Confucius, and Marxism after Karl Marx. Nor was […]