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Pagan Influence On The Cross

Its very important for Christians to understand the influence of Paganism on Paul’s version of Christianity.

US Guantanamo Guard Converts to Islam

Why Muslim Women Cover Up ? You will be surprised!

Sorry for the dark shadow in the back. However, this lecture is worth listening to.

The role of reptiles in the origin of mammals

Evolutionists claim that mammals evolved from reptiles but the anatomical and physical differences between the two are unbridgeable. Mammals are warm-blooded (they regulate and maintain their own body temperature), give birth, suckle their young and their bodies have fur or hair. Reptiles on the other hand are cold-blooded (cannot regulate body temperature on their own […]


CLICK HERE TO SEE GO TO THE FILM In this film, you will be looking at seeds and pollens, which are a miracle that most people are not even aware of. Flowers that guide insects… Insects that have been specially created for these flowers… Orchids that provide bees with perfume… Seeds that use parachutes, just […]

Islam: Empire of Faith (PBS Documentary)

To an idea of how far Islamphobia has gone this clip from FOX news is a good example. Now, it seems to some intellectuals that Muslims babies are a problem because they are being named Muhammad (The name of the Prophet of Islam).

Islam and Green

1400 Years of being green…. “The Sky We (I, Your God) have raised it, and placed a balance. So, do not disturb this balance, and keep up the standards with justice and do not let the standards be in loss” (Quran) What is Climate Change? …Eat and drink the sustenance God has provided and do […]

The Gospel of Matthew: My Reflections

The first reference to a text written by the disciple Matthew comes from Papias (bishop of Hierapolis in Asia Minor during the first half of the second century) around 120-130 AD. Papias discusses the origin of the gospel of Mark, and further remarks that “Matthew composed the logia in the Hebrew tongue and each one […]

[DVD] The Deen Show: A Way of Life

Product Description The Deen Show strives to provide correct information about Islam to non-Muslims and Muslims from authentic sources which are the Qur’an and the Sunnah. The Deen Show’s goal is to help everyone recognize the existence of God Almighty and our duties towards Him. As Muslims (someone who submits to one God) we are […]

Misquoting Jesus

Here is an interesting lecture by the author of “Misquoting Jesus”, by Bart Ehrman. This is a small historical overview of how the scriptures was changed over time.